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Meal Plans
Our pre-packaged meals are delivered right to your door, making a healthy diet possible for even the busiest bodies. Choose from our delicious selection of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options. Our formula recommends two meals per day.
Meals + Circuit
We designed our formula for you to achieve the best possible results. Circuit training five times per week along with two meals per day will result in the healthiest lifestyle you’ve ever had. Our gym is conveniently located on Woodward Avenue in Royal Oak, and our professional trainers are ready to work with you – regardless of your current level.

Circuit Train

Specializing in circuit training, our Royal Oak gym offers several programs that fit into ANYONE’S schedule – because from open to close, your training begins when you walk in. We don’t have class times, but rather, we offer a continuous cycle of circuit training so that you can walk in and join our circuit training at any time that works for you.

How It Works

With open circuit training and pre-packaged meal plans, we make healthy easy.

Online Profile

Set up your online profile and select your meals. We recommend replacing 2 meals a day, however, you can also choose to customize your meal schedule.

Circuit Training

Our circuit training workout program is designed to fit your schedule and lifestyle, so you don’t have to adjust your routine to fit a specific schedule.

Healthy Living

The Rev Fitness mission is to be your support system to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. Simply put: OUR FORMULA = YOUR RESULTS.
We’ve inspired Hundreds of Athletes.
We’ve trained athletes to perform their absolute best. While your goals may not be to perform like an athlete, our program will give you your best body ever.
Some of our meals include:


  • Peanut butter oatmeal square with fruit
  • Power bar and yogurt
  • Protein Pancakes


  • Egg Salad plate
  • Hummus plate
  • On the Go Energy Bites
  • Detox Bowl
  • Snack platter
Rev Fitness has changed my life. The meals are actually REALLY delicious – and they cost less than what I was spending on ‘healthy foods’ from the grocery store. Being able to pop into the gym any time that works for me, is great. With my busy work schedule, eating right and working out used to be a pain. Now, it’s just who I am. Thanks to Ryan at Rev!!! Tylar Blueitt

Meet the coaches

Ryan Beattie

Ryan Beattie

Owner and Private Trainer

Meet Ryan Beattie – the creator and owner of Rev Fintess. Ryan as been ennobled in health and wellness industry for over 10 year and his passions are health, nutrition, and physical fitness.

Chris Ydrogo

Chris Ydrogo

Personal Trainer

Chris Ydrogo is a National Training Institute Certified personal trainer since 2011. His training styles are tailored to fit the personal goals of each and every client. Whether through resistance training, or functional training, he meets every clients fitness goals by keeping them the number one priority.
Emily Cronizer

Emily Cronizer

Personal Trainer

Emily hold a B.S. from Allegheny College and is a NASM CPT. She has a background in sports and athletic training with 5 years experience as a personal trainer. She found her love for fitness as a competitive figure skater, and this passion has persisted throughout her career. She specializes in body mechanics, cardiovascular training, and full body movement to aid daily living. Her favorite style of training is high intensity interval training, and is always looking for a new way to keep fitness fun! 

Will White

Will White

Personal Trainer

Will White is a ACTION trained personal trainer. He has has experience in a very diverse field of athletics. He first started  private training when he taught swim classes in Farmington Hills. He then went on to coach, train and prepare elite athletes to perform in the American Ninja warrior course. Will has a very diverse athletic background to base his training on.
Alano Nunez

Alano Nunez

Personal Trainer

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